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Posted: 16 May, 2012

The April addition of InPsych magazine includes an article by Dr Roger Rees on the experience and impact of trauma injury on the victims and their carers.

A short extract follows: 

"Thousands of people experience traumatic brain injury (TBI) in Australia every year and TBI is a significant cause of disability worldwide (Trevena & Cameron, 2011). Some people adjust to their permanently disabling injury and ‘get on with their lives’. Likewise many carers (and the majority are women), despite the loss of their pre-trauma life, adjust their focus and care effectively long-term even when the demanding nature of their caring is largely unrecognised. Despite adjustment and twenty-four/seven coping by resilient people, others succumb and find that even through their best efforts they cannot cope. Then for these carers and people with TBI, illness, isolation, anxiety, depression, family breakup and tragically sometimes suicide follow..."

Read the full article on the Australia Psychological Society website.

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