Rehabilitation and Post-Trauma Learning

How trauma affects learning pathways and the role of counseling

Interrupted Lives

Interrupted Lives is Roger Rees' previous text exploring the methods of healing involved in trauma recovery. This text is more technical however is still written with sensitivity and care.

The chapters outline different clinical aspects of the healing process, explaining how the brain functions and how it can recover.

The role of the self and others.

Doctor Rees text Out of Calamity focuses on humanising the experience of trauma survivors, sharing their stories and aiding understanding and acceptance.

Interrupted Lives explores the importance of language to the self, how communication is a fundamental part of personality and the ability to 'thrive' in society.

There is a detailed explanation of the language centres of the brain, including diagrams and information on the types of processing and comprehension and response that we all use.

An understanding of the importance of language in the development and maintenance of personality underpins knowledge relating to how personality will change after brain injury.

One key both texts showcase is the need for sensitivity and care. People need to be able to participate in activities that they can look forward to and also require people whom they can rely on and trust to be available to them.

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