Other Publications

A list of the works of Dr Roger Rees.

Other Publications

Out of Calamity – Stories of Trauma Survivors (2011) by Roger Rees (with Preface by Dr Norman Swan)  published by Axiom Australia Publishers.  280 pages.   Retail Price $24.95 - 35% discount for Australian Libraries.

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Dr Rees' most recent publications include:

Plateaus and Summits: Transition to Employment for People with Acquired Brain Injury. Canberra: Department of Health & Family Services. (1997). A book describing how employment is achieved for people with brain injury and how vocational status is an important outcome variable in rehabilitation.

Rewriting the Script: Demonstrating Skills and Talents. (Workbook  documentary video and teaching program). Adelaide: ISLD Flinders University. (1999).

Interrupted Lives: Rehabilitation and Learning Following Brain Injury. Melbourne: 

IP Communications. (2005). Available from the publisher.

The Art of the Possible: Review of the Royal Rehabilitation Centre Sydney. Sydney RRCS. (2007). Commissioned Report available from RRCS.

Out of Calamity: Stories of Trauma Survivors (Preface by Dr Norman Swan). Adelaide & Melbourne: Axiom Publishers. (2011). Available from the publisher.


Recent journal, magazine publications and chapters include:

Locked-in-Syndrome. In Asimov’s Elephant: Science at Its Sharpest. (Introduced by Robyn Williams). Sydney: ABC Books (2003).

 The effect of context on language and learning by people with brain injury. Brain Injury, 14, 25-33 (2006) with M.L.Bellon.

Driven to Destruction: A Cure for this Madness (The Age March 2006 – Saturday Essay)

Post Concussion Syndrome Ebb and Flow: Longitudinal Effects and Management.  In Journal of NeuroRehabilitation (22) (2007) 229-242.

Lifeline to Deep Wells: Reaching Active Minds in Paralysed Bodies (Link- Disability Magazine June (2009).

Memory Flags. Arena 106, 10. (2010).

A Chance to Live Again. Link July (2010)

Recent Broadcast Scripts for Ockhams Razor The ABC Science Show

Construction of Community A Rehabilitation Process  Sydney ABC Science Show June 2000)

The Locked In State (Sydney ABC Science Show November 2001).

Humour as Medicine – The Effect of Humour on the CNS.  (Sydney ABC Science Show June 2007)

Music and the Mind  (Sydney ABC Science Show May 2011.

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